Saturday, 21 February 2009

At Last I have managed to create an english blog

Great I have finally worked out how to change this thing from Arabic to English.

I am taking a break from mums beautiful Phiaro, as the braiding is proving harder than the knitting! That was a piece of cake. Need to speak to a few fellow Phiaro makers as to how they got all the ends the same length and tied a neat knot. I thought that I was an expert Braider doing Nyah's Hair all the time but I guess that I have a lot to learn. I think with hair it is a lot less exact.

But I still love this project, it is one for the mindless knitting days when you just want to knit and not think. Great for days with the kids in the garden.

I am about to cast on number two for my best friend Tracy, she is here in UAE at the moment, but she is staying in AL AQAH for a few nights. I want her to chose her colour but I think to get this finished with the braids I should make a decision today and just cast on!

We are all loving the weather at last , as today was wonderful about 28c and we took the kids to the pool and they loved it . Hard to imagine but the water was warmer than the air as they keep it at 31c so when you come out you are cold!!!

Not quite like our days in Donegal when we had to run in and out with blue feet to get used to the freezing cold temperature of the Atlantic ocean. We did not seem to mind! We so wanted to get in there always.