Thursday, 12 March 2009


Well I think I might have gone and overdone the knitting. I have been diagnosed with the dreaded tendonitis.

This may have been aggravated by my friend Debs. After breaking her wrist, she had to wait over 40 minutes for an ambulance . Debs was in a lot of pain and whilst she was conscious was holding on to my hand for grim death!

Anyway the knitting has been put away for a while. It is killing me as I am going cold turkey. It is also very dangerous, as planning for new projects, means shopping for new yarn.

As I am on a yarn diet this is a very difficult period. I have managed to resist so far.

I am hoping that my tendons will have eased enough to take my knitting with me next week on holiday. I may sneak a few rows though anyway, otherwise I will go crazy.

Last Friday we had our Dubai meeting in Caribou Coffee Festival city. There were four of us there and it was great to meet yet more like minded people and of course to look at what projects everyone else has on the needles. Jocelyn was sadly missed.See you next time though!

My visitors are all away back home now and the house is very quiet. I have posted a few photos of Nathan & Nyah with Ricky & Tracy on their recent visit,as most of you said that you wished to see some photos of them.