Sunday, 15 November 2009

Its been a long time!

Finally we are settled into our new home. The last month has been spent organsing and unpacking boxes, in between settling Nathan & Nyah into Nursery, swimming lessons and play dates.

There has not been much time for knitting or indeed anything else. So it was with a sigh of relief that I finally sorted out the guest room this week. I took a long overdue trip to the hairdressers and finally I began to knit again. I must say feeling very inspired by the stash management that I had just completed in the guest room. Needless to say if we have any house guests and they open the wardrobe and cupboards they will be greeted with balls of yarn and no empty shelves for their clothing.

Nathan & Nyah have started Nursery School at the Childrens Garden and they just love it. It is just across the road from the house and we walk to and from school. A luxury here in Dubai. They attend three mornings a week and have swimming on the other two so their lives are very busy. Next year they will be taught 50% in French or German and 50% English as it is a truly Multilingual school. Time for me and Rich to brush up on our language skills.

I have posted a photo of my latest finished object Blueberry Pie on Cloud nine. A pair of the most cozy soft socks. I just love them and look forward to the winter to wear them. I am making a scarf to match with srtipes of Blueberry Pie and Posh yarn Sylvia it is looking very pretty.

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