Monday, 31 August 2009


I can hardly believe that it is three months since my last post. So Much has happened in such a short time. The most memorable of which was my seven week trip back to Northern Ireland with Nathan & Nyah.

It was wonderful for them to get to know all their family and our friends. Everyone made us so welcome.

The highlight of the trip for me was the trip to the Giants Causeway on the Steam train were Nathan actually believed that he was on Thomas the tank engine! His little face was priceless and a memory I will hold dear for a long long time.

When we first arrived tired after our long journey a large welcome party greeted us. My sister had just arrived the day before from Australia and this was the first time the whole family were together in 16 years. My other sister, her twin,was also there with her kids. Mum & Dad were so pleased and proud. The cousins all got all great and the older ones were soon looking after Nathan & Nyah.

We finally got to bed tired but happy, only to be woken by the jetlag at 4.30am, thank goodness for Tractor Tom on the Itouch!

We settled in well and Nathan & Nyah just loved the rural life at my parents the cows,sheep & horses in the fields beside my parents, but most of all the two Donkeys that they fed every day weather permitting. The donkeys got so attached to the kids that they would come running when Nathan & Nyah called them.

A great couple of weeks followed with trips to the park to use the payground and feed the ducks. They also got to use a bucket and spade on the beach dodging the rain showers!

I had a wonderful afternoon in Holywood where I met the local knitting group. We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of the company of Debbie Orr AKA Skein Queen. She brought along my lovely custom dyed yarn. We had a marvelous afternooon and as usual it felt that we had know each other for ever!

When Daddy arrived we then headed off with all the Byford family, parents and cousins up the Antrim coast for a few days trip. This was a great family time and there were a lot of late nights and fun in the old Byford family haunts.

We returned to Mums and started to catch up with Friends, whilst I was on my own I caught up with my old girlfriends and work colleagues. We also went to Richards Dad's to watch the Retreat of the Tall ships from Belfast harbour on their way to their next destination. We watched this from the comfort of Nevilles Balcony with a fabulous lunch provided by Sandra,complete with drinks and the company of their old friends Victor & Joan.

We then moved house to stay with Richards sister Wendy who had lined up an impressive social calender for us! We had some fun days and nights at the Lyster household, eating and drinking far too much. It was great to catch up with everyone again and meet some new faces as well.

Daddy then left and I moved back to Mum & Dads and we headed out to the old family haunts around Strangford Lough, the photo of the cottage is the one where I spent most of my childhood summers and many weekends as we rented this for many years as a holiday home. It has fallen into disrepair now, but it still brought back happy memories.

Before we knew it , it was time to go and where did the seven weeks go?


  1. Oh wow, I know you mentioned some of what you were doing back home whenever we were on the phone but reading about it made me realise just how hectic and wonderful your 7 weeks had been! The kids looks all grown up. The photos are lovely, Jackie esp the one of that cottage - so beautifully rural!

    I could live there, you know.

  2. What a wonderful holiday you had with your family. The kids look like they had a whale of a time. I loved seeing all the pictures.

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