Monday, 25 May 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan & Nyah & 48th Sierra Leone Independence day

Things as usual have been pretty busy round here. No excuse really for not posting sooner.

It is really hard to believe that Nathan & Nyah have turned two. Where has the last year gone?

We decided to celebrate with a party, to not only honour their birthday, but the 48th Anniversary of Sierra Leone becoming independent, know as Independance day.

So we all got together on a hot Friday, dressed in our African finest and everyone cooked an African dish. The food was excellent and we all had a great time, especially all the kids.

Of course, as we were celebrating a kiddies birthday there was cake, a jungle cake, which was made with the Sierra Leone National flag colours. It was really delicious. Nathan & Nyah just loved it. We still have the lion in a tuperware dish as mummy cannot bear to part with it!

I have managed some knitting since my last post, I have completed my first ever pair of socks, finally getting past the dreaded second sock syndrome! They fit so well and they will be well worn when I return home in the summer. The Claudias Handpainted sock yarn is SO soft.

We also had a lunch this month with some fellow ravellers at the Noodle House, it was a long lunch lasting about 3.5 hours! I guess this is what happens when you get a few crazy knitters together. I reckon if some people did not have to get back to work we would still be there!

I also completed Nathans hoody, unfortunately I ran out of yarn for the hood, which I modified to become a Jacket. One of the problems living here where there is no LYS to nip into to get that required skein to finish a project. I think the jacket looks well anyway. Nathan hates it! Every time I put it on him, he crys and trys to pull it off.

I also completed an Owl baby vest and bibs for my friends little boy. So at the moment I only have one work in progress Liesl. It is an easy nice knit, the pattern is written really well and very easy to follow. I hope to have some photos of it finished soon.

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