Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Well here she is after an agonising six attempts at the sleeve lace line up, I gave up and made a cap sleeve version with a garter stitch border modification. I love it, the pattern did me a favour and I just cannot take this baby off! I am going to make a few more, it is perfect for the Dubai heat and the A/C chill. The yarn mix is so good, the cashmere wool & silk blend working perfectly in this wonderful Ysolda Teague Pattern.

I also forgot to post photos of the last few finished items, so Nathan shall appear as my model for the baby Owl vest which is too small for him as it was made for a baby one year younger! Also his dreaded jacket that he cries everytime I put it on. I bet he will not cry when he has it put on when we get back to Belfast in the summer!

I have finally made a decision about my flights and go straight after the Keane concert in July, I was booked to leave earlier but my love of music caused me to postpone my flight. I intend to come back around the 28th August. Yeah Yeah Yeah, nearly two months of family, friends, coolness, greenery and most of all, getting to clean your teeth in cold water!!!!! (and maybe a pint of Guinness in Ned's & a curry in the Ganges)

Last week we had a busy Friday I had the monthly get together of the UAE Dubai knitters at Debbies beautiful home, here we had a bit of craic, bubbles and a good look at the highlights of Debbie's stash! It was a wonderful day. I only wish I could have stayed a little longer, but we had a dinner to attend in the evening. When I left around 5.30pm everyone was still in full swing. The food was awesome, everyone making or bringing a dish, we got to sample South African Lasagne, Lebanese & Sri Lankan dishes. Then of course there was Louiseluvsyarn's wonderful Delia Smith lemon & lime summer cake!!!!

I think we almost converted DebinDubai's sister to knitting! We are all looking forward to World Knit in public day in the capital Abu Dhabi on the 13th June.

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