Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Silly me I forgot to add the photos!!!

Here is Nathan in the dreaded Jacket!!! and modeling Bodhi's Owl vest.

I am about to start Nyah's cardi so watch this space.

I have two wonderful projects on my needles at the moment. The Ishbel scarf/shawl which I finally decided to make in my Malabrigo Persia Sock Yarn. A wonderful choice as the colours are "so cool" as described today by Hala. This colourway and yarn was inspired by an Austrian friend on Ravelry who completed this project using this colourway and yarn. I was instantly drawn to her work on the projects page,therefore the yarn in my stash found its vocation! The stockinette portion has allowed me to watch Greys Anatomy and knit. I love it!

The other project on my needles is the Grown up bootees by Ysolda again! These are great, I am making mine in Blue Moon Fibre Arts L Silk that Jhocy gave me! I love you Jhocy.These will keep my feet so warm on my trip home. I also intend to make a few as pressies for both Norn Iron & Melbourne climates!!!

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  1. Nathan looks so cute in the vest and his jacket. Adorable knits both of them. Your children are absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your Ishbel, I'm casting on for one using Mally Sock Yarn too (Lettuce colorway) and I'm crossing my fingers about the running out of yarn bit. See you Friday at ARTE...heard you're leaving your wallet behind;)